The Science Behind “Really Good Beer.”

There’s beer. There’s good beer. Then there’s really good beer. But what turns a good beer into a really good beer? 

The answer is...complicated. Not like your buddy's Facebook relationship status. Complicated, like there are several different factors that need to come together at the right time in order to make really good beer possible. And what separates good beer from really good beer is a science. So let’s take a look.


Every really good beer has the quality of craftsmanship. Perfecting beer requires trial and error, sweat, love, time, commitment, maybe even some tears, but that’s only if you spill the beer.

A really good beer has way more than just water, barley and yeast; it has unique ingredients like orange, lavender, coconut or chocolate. It’s pretty much like Valentine’s Day, but without the price fixe menu and over-priced roses. Then stick it in a bourbon barrel and wait a while. Your hard work and patience will always be rewarded in the form of delicious beer.


Let's also remember people. Specifically, the people you're around when enjoying a really good beer. Think about it, you don't want to crack open a bitter IPA with an even more bitter ex-girlfriend, (or ex-boyfriend; we don't discriminate.) Whether it’s your old college roommate or the girl down the hall in accounting, beer can turn your drinking buddies into drinking besties.


Finally, let's not forget about setting. Like the right people, the right place can turn any brew into your next favorite. Remember that porter you had during the '93 blizzard? That was a 'really good beer', wasn't it? The power was out, but your best friend came over with poker cards and you could feel the warmth of the subtle alcohol as if it were sitting on your chest. The aftertaste of oatmeal made it even better. 

The right beer at the right temperature in the right place with the right people. That's what makes a really good beer. And we’re here to help you get there by at least providing the really good beer part of it. Oh and did we mention we serve really good beer, to go? This just keeps getting better.

So, ladies and gents, welcome to the Really Good Beer Stop. What’ll it be?